Sunday, 18 September 2011

Review for Aveeno Shower and Bath Oil

I got the Aveeno Shower and Bath Oil as a prize to a competition from Glamour Magazine. It came with Aveeno Hand Cream, Cream and the Resilient Moisturizer with SPF 15.

The arrival of my prize is perfect. I have the driest skin ever and it get even drier when Autumn would come. Imagine how my skin is in Winter. Scaly, Snakey comes to mind.

I like that the whole range smells light. Oaty. Organic comes to mind when you smell this product. There thats my new adjective for Aveeno: Organicky.

Aveeno Shower and Bath Cream is light on the skin when I applied it. It made my bath water white. Like I am bathing in Oatmeal sans the crumbs. I notice how it makes my skin soft. I never get this from the delicate soap that I am using. I also like how even though its soft its not oily. Its a marvelous bath experience whats even better is that its easy to rinse. The only problem is that it is addicting to apply cuz of its softness. I think if i didnt try to control myself I would've use the whole bottle.

After shower I can still the softness of my skin.

I applied the Aveeno Cream after and it just seals the moisture that I got from shower.

Before this product I dont know mositure but upon using Aveeno, its like I am just doing that applying moisture literally.

The real test is few hours after though.

This is when my skin usually gets itchy and scaly.

Not surprisingly, my skin is still dewy. Its a miracle because were talking about my skin here.... my skin! Dry...Drier..Driest.

After Aveeno, NO LONGER DRY!

I found my skin winter armour in Aveeno!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Parents Corner

Here we will talk about anything baby related from feeding habits to Eco nappies and our efforts to bring up our son while being environmentally conscious.

Welcome to Our Little Corner

Welcome to Our Little Corner where we will post blogs on our life experiences. We plan to have lots of pages devoted to things like Film, Fashion (My Wifes page as I'm not knowledgeable about fashion) and Parents corner where we will talk about parenting, Teething, nappies, eco products and sleep deprivation :) our medical experiences with Bean AKA Sebastian and any pointers we have been taught that will help you to look after your child.