Monday, 25 November 2013

My childhood toys

When I was growing up I had several toys but the most loved of toys I had were a squirrel called Rusty and a monkey named George both survived my childhood and are in my mothers attic. I remember finding them while visiting one day and the nostalgic memories flooded back. Those toys both got a lot of loving when I was a young boy, mostly they were used as comforters and as I grew older I moved on to matchbox cars and transformers. Now they are sat in storage a bit like Toy Story 3. Can you imagine the stories these toys could tell you if they could really come alive. If they do have their own kind of soul I hope they know that they were and are still greatly loved.

I don't have any photos of these toys so here are photos of toys that has a likeness to them If you had a toy line up this pair could be pulled out by accident instead of George and Rusty :p

Other then childhood toys this little bunny Bun Bun is special to me because I brought it for my wife and when we first met and he now goes with her everywhere on her bag.

I took these photos years ago to amuse my wife I have posted them here so you can share in the cuteness that is Bun Bun.

Bun Bun explored the garden far and wide, with his handy climbing gear (to you and me the hoop coming out of his head) :P he travelled all over the garden searching every nook and cranny!
This blog entry is in response to a contest ran by tattooed mummy thank you for running a contest that made me think of my childhood :) if you are looking for children toys then look no further than the one stop bug shop

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

My Alli mishap, be warned!

Hello this blog entry is a little embarrassing as it is all about my mishap when using the diet tablet Alli. Let me first say that this tablet really works and it definitely helped me to lose weight while I was using it.The only downside to this product is that it is very very expensive. That and when you are not used to the effect that it has on your body which you won't be In the early days of taking this tablet there is a real and present danger that it can cause you to inadvertently loose control of your bowels. When you go to the toilet there is this oily film that sits on the surface of the water that the instructions in the Alli box says is the fat that the tablets block from entering your system. The reason I got caught out and had a mishap is that while I was at work I was sat at my desk working normally when I felt some air working it's way through my stomach which I gently and quietly expelled after all I told myself whats the harm it's only an inocent little bit of wind. There was this weird smell like oil and after a while when it didn't dissipate I stood up confused and looked down on my chair feeling even more confusion when I gazed apon this strange oil stain. I still hadn't realised at this point what it was and leaning closer to the stain to investigate further I noticed that it gave off a smell like hyraulic oil so I thought maybe it had leaked somewhere from the chair. I wheeled my chair across the office passed all my work colleagues and out to the communal kitchen area where the MD of my company was making a drink and he jokingly asked me if I had had a little accident I just replied in a mildly embarrassed tone that I didn't know what it was. I quickly sprayed it with a pungent kitchen cleaner and covered it with a cloth to soak it up when I sat back down on it, it was only then that I thought to check my trousers and found that they were wet in my bottom area. The penny at this point started to drop like a lead baloon as I considered in mortified horror that maybe the wind hadn't been as inocent as I first thought. I haven't been so embarrassed in a very long time, I would say ever but I've had other embarrassing moments in the past equally as embarrassing but not I quickly stress of the same nature. This situation is right up there in the top ten most embarrassing moments in my life, yes people thats right Alli made me poo myself at work. I was going to keep this a secret but then I realised that I should try to save other people from experiencing this situation that I found myself in so if you read this and you are just starting to use Alli please heed my warning and be careful in the early days of use.

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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Silent Sunday - 10 November 2013

Fireworks Display by the Seafront

We went to a fireworks display in the beach in our area.  Some of the pictures turn out well even if we are only using our ipad.

This is me and my son

It was a fun night for us even if there is a bit of rain.  The fireworks made the chilly night warm and fuzzy.