Friday, 9 November 2012

Friday festival day
Today we were all meant to go to Bristol zoo but the day started badly with me and Sebastian oversleeping. I would have woken earlier but I was waiting for Sebastian to wake. The next bad thing that happened was that Sebastian as he was waking fell and hit his mouth on Merlinda's shoulder drawing blood so we had to bathe him while trying to cheer him up and dry his tears. this was not the best of starts at all. this week has been so great too. I have really enjoyed our family time together. after we finally got him dressed and ready to go out it was already approuching 10am. the zoo opened its doors at 9 so we had already lost an hour. we pushed ahead and were coming up to Bristol when I remembered that we would have to pay for parking. I went to get money out out then we continued on into Bristol. I was sure I knew which way to go but in a moment of madness I took us completely the wrong way. this was the last straw and we decided that the day wasn't working out as we hoped, so we headed home after visiting the library. I feel bad that in my sleep befuddled state I wreaked our morning plans. I want to go to the festival tonight to try and make up for the bad start and to try and make it up to Merlinda and Sebastian. I hope this day ends better then it began.

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